In the Marvel-verse bad guys wear … green?

I watched a couple of episode of Super Hero Squad earlier today, as well as Lego: Marvel: Maximum Overload.

I enjoyed them.

One thing I noticed is that the villains wear a fair amount of green. There is Loki, Dr. Doom, Mole Man, Fing Fang Foom, The Mandarin, and Abomination, all of whom have green in their costume. Of course, there are villains who do not have green, but they are fewer in number. The prevalence of green on the costumes got me wondering if green was chosen for the villains because of its association with jealousy or envy, or if it was simply just a matter of necessity because green ink was cheap or something and has no greater significance.

It is also fun to note that the majority of the heroes have blue in their costumes. And I wonder if that has something to do with the trust and rescuer nature of the color. Not all of the heroes have blue in their costumes of course, just as not all the villains wear green, but the majority, and yes, the Hulk is green, but he is the exception to the apparent rule that green is the color of choice for villains in the Marvel Universe.


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