A good laugh or a good cry

Have been feeling down lately.
Don’t ask why; I don’t really know.
A lot of frustration and rage has seeped into my life over the past few weeks, insinuating itself into my core.
I do not know why this should be. I really have nothing to be angry or upset about. I am healthy, had a roof over my head, and money to eat. Sure, I don’t have a lot of money, but I can keep myself fed and still have enough to go out and play with my friends.
I need a good laugh or a good cry, but so far I have had neither.
This too shall pass and soon enough I’ll be back to my old loveable, if grumpy, self.
In the meantime, here’s a song.


It’s been a while

I haven’t written on this thing in almost a year, if not longer.
I am not exactly sure why, but I think it’s mostly because I was getting bored with it as I did not feel that I had a whole lot to write about.

The Sharks? This season and postseason were let downs and not very interesting to me so I cannot imagine what it would have been like for the people reading this messy thing I call my blog.

Life? Well, life just isn’t all that interesting. Sure I live in a small town in the Czech Republic, which is, admittedly, a bit of an adventure, but overall my life is pretty mundane. I sleep, I eat, I work, I drink beer, I fool around on the Internet. Sometimes I go on tips. I read. I dabble in writing. Bla bla bla.

So not a whole lot to write about, and not a whole lot of inspiration to find something to write about.

And a good friend of my killed himself last September. I took it hard. Got depressed (like really really depressed, as if this had happened while this was playing as it happened) and didn’t really want to write about that.

I’m not so depressed anymore, but I think I am still trying to process his death. I have a feeling it will be quite a long process, and one which I am not exactly looking forward to.

Umm…let’s see…went to Prague last weekend and hung out with some friends. There was beer and food and walking and general fun all around. I don’t get down there as much as I would like, but that’s where that whole ‘life’ thing comes back around to bite us in the ass and keep us from going where we want when we want. Or maybe it’s ‘we’ who do it to ourselves. Or maybe it’s a combination of the two, or depends on the person. Maybe it doesn’t matter. I’m going with that last one. Oh right, Prague…

I walked around the Troja area by the river and the Zoo. It was beautiful, green and lush and quiet. I asked my friend more than a few times if she was sure we were still in Prague. I was just being a smartass of course, but it seriously did feel as if we had wandered into the forest, kind of like Central Park, a nice green area somewhere in the city.

There is also a Chateau on the trail. We walked around the garden and on the steps but we did not go inside because neither one of us felt like paying, but to be fair we didn’t even go in to see how much it was or if there was an entry fee at all cause that’s how we roll.
There’s also a hedge maze at the palace. We poked our heads in but didn’t delve too far; the wind was kicking up and the rain was on its way. Plus, we were in need of refreshment.

Here is a wikipedia article about the chateau.

And here are a few pictures I took. My touch does not have the greatest quality, but it does the job all right.(Thanks again for the present, sister o mine.)

And we saw some Cygnets but I didn’t get any pictures of them because I was too lazy.

That’s all for now. I do not know if this post signals a return to blogging for me or not. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

The Return of Agent Stahl

A reader left a comment a while ago thanking me for my rage at Ally Walker and her breathing.
It was a nice comment and it made me smile. But why am I writing a post on this? Why didn’t I just respond to the comment and leave it at that?
Here is a link to said post
Well, I suppose it’s because it makes me smile to know other people feel this way and they care enough to search the Internet for like minded rantings, and they happen to stumble upon my infrequent and humble blog and feel moved to leave a comment. It’s a small thing, but it’s cool enough.
Plus, some people still seem to be interested in Agent Stahl and her breathing, because they make up most of the search words people use to find my blog and I hate to disappoint them when they get here and see one or two things about Agent Stahl, and that’s a bit of a shame. Got to give the people what they want, you know.
So in the spirit of that here is Ally Walker doing some really heavy breathing.


Like Han Solo I’m out of it for a little while and everything goes wonky. It’s been a while since I’ve been around these parts and I guess there was an update or something because everything looked weird for a moment but now it seems to have returned to normal.

Or maybe I’m more like Bill S. Preston Esq, or Ted “Theodore” Logan, or both, two from one sent to the past to save their present and the future of earth and space.

Whoa! indeed.


Watch this video.

Did you watch it? If not, you really should, otherwise this post is not going to make much sense because I don’t feel like recapping. But this is the internet and the video is ten minutes long, so maybe I should do a little recapping.

On second thought I am not going to. Watch the video.

Maddow’s claims may seem outrageous and overblown, but once the lawyers get involved (and you had better believe they are, politicians and rich people love lawyers) they become terrifying, plain and simple.
Birth control should not be banned for anyone and that is exactly what these types of bills will do. Well that, and send women’s rights straight back to the dark ages. How long would it take to strip women of their right to vote vote, after once again reducing them to nothing more than baby factories?

What Maddow should have pointed out was that if the bill in Mississippi, and others like it, become law the only form of birth control would be the condom and we all know how guys feel about them (or at least are supposed to feel about them, personally, I don’t hate or even mind condoms). But there is the women’s condom, and it seems to work like the male condom, that is it prevents sperm from going anywhere near an egg, unlike hormonal birth control. At least that is how I understand it, though admittedly I could be missing/misinterpreting something (but I really really don’t think I am. I would not bet my life on it, but I would bet my left pinkie toe). If you would like to know more about it, here you go.

So we all know that the knock against condoms is the loss of sensation. I can’t feel anything with a condom! is the oft heard cry from both sexes. Now just imagine if the only form of birth control available were condoms. Just think of all the feeling-less (see what I did there) sex you would be having, unless of course you were either willing to break the law by using hormonal birth control (Oh Christ is it just one big Big Pharma conspiracy? Think of all the money to be made on the contraceptive black market!) or risk getting pregnant.

I say Maddow should have made that point because it would be enough for all the men in the land to make sure this bill dies a long slow death.

A New Post

I am a fan of Radiohead. I also enjoy The Sisters of Mercy. However it was not until recently, and by that I mean five minutes before I sat down to write this, that I heard a song by the Sisters of Mercy that sounded eerily similar to a Radiohead song.

Admittedly, I don’t have a good ear for music. I often think some songs sound like others only to have my friends tell me I am crazy. For example, compare these two songs, especially their intros and beat and tell me they don’t have more than a passing resemblance to each other. Song 1. Song 2. (It is entirely possible that I am wrong about the similarities between these two songs, as I wrote before, I do not have a good ear.)

Anyway, back to Radiohead and Sisters of Mercy. Earlier tonight I was listening to some tunes on mytunes and this song came on:
and the opening instantly reminded me of a song by Scott Tennorman’s favorite band.

Here is that song:

There is no doubt they sound different, but that is only because one has the volume turned to eleven and the other one is hanging out in the unobtrusive five-to-seven range. And sure, the lyrics of each song are completely different, but when I say the songs sound similar these are not the things of which I speak. What I am talking about is the basic beat and composition of the accompaniment, especially in the beginning of each song. Or maybe I’m crazy.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

On the Sharks and stupid penalties

Last post I wrote about how Dany Heatley needs to stop taking stupid penalties, especially near the end of games.

Well, it turns out that he’s not the only Shark who can take stupid penalties and needs to stop.

On Thursday evening the Sharks played the Los Angeles Kings in what would ultimately be a losing effort after again blowing a lead.

The Sharks scored first, but not much later Ian White took a penalty which the Sharks were unable to kill. White’s penalty wasn’t necessarily stupid, but it was ill-timed.

Ryan Clowe then took two consecutive penalties, but luckily the Sharks were able to kill them. That didn’t stop the Kings from scoring during five on five play though and taking a 2-1 lead into the third.

In the third, with time running down, Patrick Marleau scored to tie the game with less than five minutes remaining in the game. Not long after, Joe Thornton took a very stupid penalty. Some might claim that the call was questionable, that Thornton just knocked a King to the ice, but did not trip him. That’s not what it looked like to me. In fact it looked like the Sharks captain and leading point scorer did in fact sweep the leg and deserved the penalty.

The Kings scored with about one minute forty second remaining and it looked all but over for the Sharks. However, Patrick Marleau would have something to say about that as he scored AGAIN to tie the game twice in the span of less than five minutes and with 3.4 seconds remaining in the third to send the game to overtime and eventually to the shootout where they would lose.

Kudos to Marleau for once again being a hero and giving the Sharks and opportunity to win. It’s a shame they didn’t. And big jeers to Clowe and Thornton (especially Thornton) for taking bad penalties and giving whatever momentum the Sharks had earned right back to the Kings. Mistakes happen (I mentioned that while blasting Heatley for his boneheaded penalties) but at this point in the season and beyond they need to not happen. Sure, Marelau did his best “Goonies never say die” impression and ultimately negated the effects of Thornton’s penalty, but if Thornton hadn’t taken that penalty Marleau still may have scored and the Sharks may have won the game in regulation rather than losing in a shootout. That’s a big maybe to be sure, but still a possibility, but regardless of whether or not Marleau still would have scored if Thornton hadn’t made that idiotic trip to the box, Joe and the Sharks in general have to play smarter.

I’m all for the dirty little play here and there (especially when you don’t get caught) but there is a time and place for that during the game. In the offensive zone with less than five minutes to go in the game and right after the team has tied the game is not that time nor that place. I hope the boys in teal can remember that come playoff time.

Go Sharks!