While looking for news on Blackwater, I came across this.

It is not Blackwater related, but it is disheartening (if not surprising). I really wish people on both sides would calm down. I mean sure, the people at the rally have a right to boo her, and she knew what to expect, but there is no reason to get the police involved (she was doing nothing wrong) or to resort to violence. They had their signs, she had hers, that should have been enough.


2 comments on “Hurtful

  1. pdub says:

    There were some videos at disinfo of supporters at a Palin concert (? what do you call these things?)the sheer ignorance was disgusting. I think that the republicans use fear of change to get what they want and that that is a very stupid fear. these people are not rational.

  2. Concert is a good word, but I think they’re called rallies or something stupid and non-creative like that.

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